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By staying at Dolphin Blue Paradise, you will not only become relaxed, culturally enriched, health-conscious, and adventurous, but also eco-conscious as loyal individuals who embody a commitment to sustainability and a high quality of life. Your aspirational identity will be that of a responsible, mindful traveler who enjoys luxurious, meaningful, and environmentally friendly experiences.


We operate on green and sustainable energy to preserve our planet. As we adopt an eco-responsible attitude we are always looking for ways to improve.



Our eco-resort is 100% off the grid. We have our own solar cells to provide us with electricity. 

Use of solar panels at Dolphin Blue Paradise to harness renewable energy to power the eco-friendly resort.

We have a rainwater collection system for our water needs, including a rainwater purification system to serve drinking water right here from the resort.

We serve as much produce and fruit as possible from our garden, maintained by our head gardener and nature expert Roque who has lived on the island for more than 18 years. 

Roque, the Head Gardener and Nature Expert at Dolphin Blue Paradise, tending to vibrant vegetables in the resort's garden.
Rainwater collection system at Dolphin Blue Paradise, capturing and storing rainwater for sustainable use.

In order to reduce food waste, we utilize a composting system for all of our vegetable and fruit scraps.

Compost system at Dolphin Blue Paradise, converting organic waste into nutrient-rich soil for the resort's gardens.

We use reusable shampoos, soaps, body lotions, metal silverware, and straws to eliminate plastic usage.

Reusable straw in a fresh coconut drink at Dolphin Blue Paradise, promoting sustainable practices.
Mosquito net draped over a bed in a cabana at Dolphin Blue Paradise, ensuring a comfortable and insect-free stay.

To ensure your comfort, we utilize essential oils for pest control, avoiding harsh chemicals for mosquito and sandfly control. We recommend using repellent, closing windows at dusk, and using the mosquito nets provided in your rooms. 

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