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Every room has it's own balcony or patio to relax and enjoy the views of either the jungle or sea. We offer lounge chairs to relax and sunbathe, a swim platform to swim and snorkel from, and enjoy some starfish, sea urchins and other sea-life right under the restaurant or swim platform. 


Living Room

The newly renovated Salon Azul is a tranquil place where we invite guests during the day to relax, read a book, meditate, play a board game or even do yoga during a rainy day. The patio outside Salon Azul serves as a small outdoor workout area with weights, dumbbells, a fitness ball and yoga mats for our guests to enjoy.


Whether your prefer to relax on the swimming platform, sunbathe on a sun-bed or chill out in a hammock Dolphin Blue Paradise has it!


We invite all of our guests to take a walk in our beautiful tropical garden, cared for by our head gardener Roque and his team. Whenever possible we incorporate our own tropical fruits in the dinner menu and for breakfast. To mention a few fruits you may find in our garden; mango, banana, pineapple, lime, passion fruit, rambutan (lychee), starfruit, guayava, mangostien, water apple, custard fruit, guanabana, mandarins, coconut, guaba, plantains and many more. Can you find the mango tree? Do you know what a mangosteen looks like? How many types of banana trees do you think we have? 

In our tropical garden you can also find tropical flowers such as hibiscus, rare orchides, bird of paradise flowers, lobster claws, frangipani, jazmine and many others. Have a question about a flower feel free to ask Roque.

When you walk our gardens you may notice we grow our own herbs, ginger, turmeric, salad, spinach, curantro, lemon grass, tomatoes, peppers and many other delicious herbs and vegetables -  all served farm to table in our restaurant.

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